Catering - Wine, bubbles and cocktails for your private or company party.


By letting us assist you with your private or company party, we will make sure
everything goes smoothly and as planned, so you have nothing to worry about.
See our catering packages beneath.


Our team

Among the best

We can also accommodate full event service, where we can take charge on the project managing and make sure we cover all your needs, through a competent management of your event, both privately or corporate.

For the really large productions and events, we will refer to our sister company: Nordic Event Agency, which specialized in large productions and not at least the project management that these large events includes.

“the possibilities are many, the limits are few.”

Our most sold packages

Our 3 most wanted caterings

We always strive for perfection, we preferably work with
organic spirits and produce.

Tropical night
“the one everybody loves”

 Here we go back to the tropical
party classics:
Colada’s, Mojito’s, Daiquiri’s,
Batida’s and Caipirinha’s,
with the seasonal fruits.

399,- pr. guest for
4 hour free bar, 
min. 10 guests.

Classic Cocktails
“the madman menu”

With this menu we are inspired 
by the series “Mad men” and all of the
old classic cocktails through time:
Old Fashioned, Sour’s, Manhattan’s,
Negroni’s, Flip’s og Punch’s.

499,- pr. guest for
4 hour free bar,
min. 10 guests.

Creating Your Menu
“your choices all the way” 

Here we create a menu from your whishes and desires, the possibilities are many, the limits are few.

Starting point 399,- pr. guest
for 4 hour free bar,
min. 10 guests.