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EKTE SPIRITS – the cphrumgeek tale… Thursday 13.th of January ’22 @ 6pm

#CPHRUMGEEK will introduce you to the history of making a rum brand, how you go from being a bartender to a rum maker and blender… How innovation isn’t always the way, how it is to be trendsetting but hitting a market too early… Get the whole story from the man behind the brand…
We will try 3 blends and 3 single casks, that should make you have an insight of what rum can cover in taste and sensory experiences – There will only be 25 tickets this evening.
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Thursday 27.th of January ’22 @ 6pm

The Blending Diplomatico tasting is going through one of the newer benchmark distilleries in the rum category. The Ballestero family and their success over the last decade will be a story that will be told while we go through their 3 distillates that make the world famous Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, we will talk about the processes that makes all those amazing rum expressions that Diplomatico makes. We will try 6 of their expressions and there will be an option to try some of the Rum Club CPH – the Diplomatico Single Vintage 2000  – There will only be 25 tickets this evening.
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Thursday 3.rd of February ’22 @ 6pm

This Exclusive El Dorado tasting will be the only opportunity to try some of the latest releases of one of the most historical destillieries in the Caribbean; Demara Destillers limited – the home of the Demarara Sugar & Rum.
DDL has made a new concept Blended in the Barrel, where the individual marks are blended before ageing, we will talk about the processes behind the marks and what that makes all those amazing rum expressions that DDL makes. We will try the 4 blended in the Barrel releases plus a Skeldon 2000, El Dorado 15 yrs & 21 yrs.  – There will only be 25 tickets this evening.
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With this unique tasting we will come close to one of the most innovative and ground breaking distillery in the world, nothing is being done like any other distillery. We have the honour of having Flo from Emperical Spirits to tell os all the stories and be prepaired for some fermentation geeking.
We will taste 6 different releases from them; 3 spirits, 1 fortified wine og 2 cocktails
– There will only be 25 tickets this evening.

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